Funny Stripper Names

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A list of funny female and male stripper names.

Top 5 funny stripper stage names

Female funny names

US & Canada
  • Anita D*ck
  • Stanky McP*ssy
  • Lucy Lips

Male funny names

US & Canada
  • Tim-azing
  • Timber Maximus
  • Hung Wei Lo

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Meatflap Mama
Gold Digger
Evana Cramurc*ck
Squirtna PuSa
Fannie fox
Shirley Vaigra
Shelly Crevice
Slipnin DaFlaps
Connie Lingus
Karma Slutra
Shakin MaFlap
Gona Rita
Stinky Magina
Sir Cumalot
Johnny C*ckslinger